Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Elemental Air

In keeping with the last few themes of elements, we are going with "Elemental Air" this week. Show us your wonderful handmade items that are light and airy, white or light blue, weather related, actual air elements, or whatever "Elemental Air" means to you.

Also, use the tabs at the top of this post to go to pages where you can put links to your shops, links to your blogs, free printables, some of my favorite tutorials, and to meet some very talented artists.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Red Hot Fire

The last two themes have been elements. So in keeping with that theme, this week's is RED HOT FIRE. Let's see anything with flames, red, orange, having to do with the element of fire, and such.

Make sure you put a button to your shops and blogs on the pages I created for them. Use the tabs at the top of this post. Also check out the tutorials and free printables and go over to their blogs and leave them a comment telling them how you found them. Make someone's day. Comments like that always make my day.

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