Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have summer fever really bad. It thunder stormed and rained here for 3 days last week and the weekend was beautiful but humid. For all of you that have summer fever...Here you go.
If you would like your link added to our friends, please leave me a comment with the info. I absolutely love crafting and DIY blogs. You don't just have to have a shop. As it is said, "Variety Is The Spice Of Life" and that is so true.


  1. Oops...sorry for the repeats and I have tried but not showing up the first time....and tried and tried....really sorry!

  2. Passion For Beads,
    It's not a problem. Got it fixed. No big deal. You can also post more than one item if you like.

  3. Thanks Jacque :o)
    I am going to post more items, definitely not the same one! LOL!


  4. Thanks for the opportunity to post. Yes, I would like to be added to your Our Friends.
    My shop link is

    I added your blog banner to my blog here is the link so you can see:

    Make sure that you post something on my blog,
    my theme for this month is Handmade Mother Nature.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to post on your blog. Yes, I would like to add my link to you Our Friends.

    I added your blog banner to my blog at:

  6. What a lovely thing to do! :) Thanks for letting me join in the fun.


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